Course Summary

Digital Marketing


Introduction to Digital Marketing
What Does Success Look Like?

Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Plan Mind Map
Intro to Mind Map and Your Target Audience
Finding & Creating Products for Your Audience
Marketing Infrastructure
Introduction to Sales Funnels
Target Audience Checklist

Content Creation and Promotion

Content Creation & Promotion Checklist
Lazy Mans Guide to Content Creation
Finding and Working with Stock Photos
Content Creation Exercise


Introduction to Copywriting
Web Copywriting that Sells Mind Map
Exercise: Copywriting

Email Marketing

Introduction to Email List Building
Creating a Landing Page using MailerLite
Email List Building Checklist


Creating a Facebook Cover Page using Canva
Promoting a Facebook Group

Graphic Design

Introduction to Graphic Design Section
Graphic Design using Canva Masterclass

Influencer Marketing Programs

Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing Program Checklist

Keyword Research

Introduction to Keyword Research for Virtual Assistants
Keyword Research using KWFinder
Keyword Ideas Using Answer the Public

Online Communities, Groups and Forums

Marketing in Online Communities

Online Courses

Introduction to Creating Online Courses
Choosing Your Topic
Be Unique - Find Your Niche
Determining the Market for your Course
Pricing and Payments
Hosting Your Course
Assembling Your Course
Building Through Questions
Video & Teaching
Storytelling & Speaking


Masterclass in PowerPoint Design
Cool New PowerPoint Functions in Office 365


Transcription is the skill of turning audio or video files into text. This is often used for articles, blogging, and search engine optimization

Transcribe a YouTube Video into Text


Webinar Benefits for Digital Marketing
Webinar Delivery Checklist
Planning Your Webinar
Webinar Tools


Choosing a Domain Name
Website Creation and Hosting
What Makes a Good Website?
Website Copywriting


Short Marketing Plan Checklist
Proposal Checklist
Content Creation & Promotion Checklist
Webinar Delivery Checklist

Tools For Digital Marketing

Answer the Public
Dynalist - Web-Based Outliner
Notion: Content Planning
Notion: Process Documentation
Notion: Task Management
Notion: Time Blocking
MyMind: An AI-Based Notes Program
ZenKit ToDo: A Minimalist Task Management System
ZenKit ToDo: Creating Checklist Templates